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Did you win the Jackpot?

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Welcome to the latest game results from around the world! We bring you all results that you need in right time. If you play any of these games do not forget to check out the results and get paid as soon as possible. We bring the results for you online (mobile-friendly) as the first website, so stay tuned!

The tables below contain all the information you need to know to find out if you've won. They are sorted from the most up-to-date results to less current. Please do not forget to check the date so you know what game you played, as many of them are going several times a week.To see specific winning numbers, please click on the winning numbers button. Good luck!

History of the games

The first records of these games are linked to the Middle Ages. Already in the 15th century people began offering tickets for sale with prizes in the form of money. The first games took place in the Low Countries. The very first recorded game was in Italy, the city Milan (9 January 1449). These contests have become common in the 19th century in the US and Europe, in the 20th century they have spread to the whole world.

The current state of games

At present, some countries prohibit such games, others support them (so-called national/state games). The regulation is determined by each state itself. The most common regulation is the sale of tickets to adults only. Sales points must also be licensed to sell.

Contests have become part of our lives. Most of us play games for fun. We all have faith in winning. It is nice to win at least something - small money for joy. Winning the Jackpot would please us very much, but most players do not believe that they will win the jackpot. They rather hope to win a higher amount of money. It is assumed that about 70% of the population is involved in these games. No wonder. Winnings numbers are really high, bets are regular, and list of winners grows daily. Even the Queen of England joined the first game and won $ 10. There is no doubt that people love games! We also love them so that we decided to bring you very actual results across the world.